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I’m Ken Wilson, and as an avid caravanner, I love the lifestyle but I’m also concerned about the many life-threatening incidents on our highways and urban streets. Being held up on our highways also often creates anxiety and stress in drivers which can lead to dangerous driving behaviors putting many lives at risk.

‘  As more people take to their caravans and RVs throughout Australia, the lack of non-sales based and reliable caravan safety advice is becoming more of a problem. Often, the growing number of drivers behind the wheel have little or no experience in towing a large caravan on our highways.

These drivers may not understand how inappropriate driving can impact or endanger both other road users and themselves. Rather than point fingers at who was wrong or right in all of this, I decided to research and present information that can go a long way to making our roads safer and less stressful for all road users.

A basic understanding of safe towing practices, can assist with a more stable and responsive towing rig that will improve handling and safety, especially if it is driven by an educated and considerate driver.

There are many social media sites that share caravan information. There is some very useful and accurate information available, however, many have well-meaning but uneducated people who offer their personal advice and recommendations to other people’s questions, often offering advice about a tow vehicle and caravan that they have not seen and have very little knowledge of. 

There are many also that merely just want to sell you something and the advice may be biased towards that product or service. Many respected web and social media sites have unreliable and confusing information included.

As driver it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle and sort the fact from the fiction.

It is for those very reasons that the TRUCK FRIENDLY caravan road safety program was born. 

I originally developed Truck Friendly to assist in part, with Queensland’s “Grey Nomad” season which brings thousands of caravanners and RVs from colder southern states to sunny Queensland roads. Before long, it was clear that drivers Australia-wide were benefiting from the program so it was expanded into what is now one of Australia’s fastest growing national road safety programs.

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Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

Currently, I run Truck Friendly as a private citizen with largely my own funds and time. As such, I cannot access the many Government funding grants available for projects like this that may be accessible to community not for profit organisations and corporations.

I am very grateful for the support and input from our sponsors, however I still require assistance with costs and expenses to conduct information sessions at caravan parks, club rallies, expos and meetings.

If you, your company or organisation would like to help, please get in touch. We need your help.

Any funding assistance can be sent to

BSB :- 645646
Acc. No. 107020149

Thank you and stay safe.

Ken Wilson

[email protected]



How Can It Help You?

In addition to details on sharing the road safely with all vehicles, Truck Friendly provides useful advice and information on general caravan safety including loading your caravan and tow vehicle, tyres and avoiding dangerous caravan sway. It is a great guide for new and experienced caravanners alike.

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Lee Kernaghan – Supporter of the Truck Friendly Program

Country music legend Lee Kernaghan has thrown his support behind the Truck Friendly caravan road safety program. Having experienced a caravan incident firsthand, he truly understands the importance of making road safety education easily accessible. See what he has to say in the link below.


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